APRUM and PROTESTAmos Launch “100% for the UPR” Campaign


Mayagüez, December 6, 2017—The humanitarian crisis that Puerto Rico faces results from a corrupt debt and from hurricane María, neither of which the Puerto Rican people made, chose or benefitted from. The country needs its public university to be operating at its 100 percent for the country to recover. The UPR must be strengthened; its social, economic, cultural and communitarian roles must be broadened. The UPR is the only public institution that Puerto Rico counts on for higher education, community development, scientific, social and humanistic research, artistic creation, cultural custodianship and health care services. No other government body can provide the multiple services that a UPR functioning at its 100 percent offers to the country.

The Association of Professors of the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez (APRUM) is Al 100 x la UPR (100% for the UPR) because it alone has assumed the urgent task of defending the UPR under Title III of the PROMESA law. But APRUM needs your solidarity, since it is confronting powerful forces that boast of much greater financial resources. The interests that benefit from “austerity measures” and from the general impoverishment of our people have personal profit as their sole objective. Their intent is to shrink the UPR and make it inaccessible for the majorities. We know this is an unequal struggle—but united we can prevail.

APRUM and the faculty collective PROTESTAmos counts on you to be 100% for the UPR. Your contribution of $100 or any other amount to protect the UPR constitutes an investment in the future, a hope for change, the opening of horizons and the affirmation that Puerto Ricans, wherever they are, are capable of saving our beloved archipelago.

To make a donation visit http://www.youcaring.com/Al100xlaUPR, send it through ATH Móvil at (787) 458-8550 or make a deposit at the Coop RUM (account # 11971). Please share this information with your friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances. APRUM and PROTESTAmos deeply appreciate your generosity. No contribution is too small to defend the UPR that Puerto Rico needs.


Lissette Rolón Collazo: (787) 614-7600

Marcel Castro Sitiriche: (787) 967-6641

CMU APRUM and PROTESTAmos launch Al 100 x la UPR (100% for the UPR) campaign

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